City Manager
 Crystal Hansonl  320-769-2154

City Clerk/Treasurer
 Evie Joyce  320-769-2154

Administrative Assistant
 Kristi Kvaal  320-769-2154

City Attorney
 Richard Stulz 320-769-2473

Police Chief
 Andy Stock  320-769-4700

Fire Chief
 Brian Hersom  320-769-2689

Pub. Utilities Superintendent
 Brent Powers  320-769-2111

Liquor Store Operations Supervisor
 Garney Jager  320-769-2755

 Kathie Behrens  320-769-2069

Zoning Official
 Merlin Ellefson  320-769-2482

Daws the Gnome

Dawson - The small city with the bright future

Mark your calendars for Riverfest June 27th - 29th

Prairie Five Rides - toll free dispatch 877-757-4337

Sewer rates will go up beginning in May - sewer use fee will go from $4.40 to $4.84 / 1,000 gallons sewer base fee will go from $5.67 to $6.24.   If you use 2,000 gallons a month your increase will be $1.45 a month.

Remember you need to license both your cats and dogs. The fee is $10 for two years. You can download the pet license off of our web site.

Click here to view the most current council agenda.

The City of Dawson is interested in the publicís opinion concerning sidewalks. This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time, and the City is looking to establish policies that are feasible for the City to enforce while benefiting the community as well. Topics of discussion include snow removal, safety, use of sidewalks, addressing sidewalk concerns, cost, removal, etc.

Therefore, the City of Dawson has made available an online survey to enlist the communityís help in this matter. To take the online survey, click here. A copy of the survey is available at City Hall, 675 Chestnut Street, between the hours of 8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.

City of Dawson
Box 552
675 Chestnut
Dawson, MN  56232
Administrator: 320-769-2154
City Clerk: 320-769-2154
Fax: 320-769-2858

Office hours: Weekdays, 8 am to 4:30 pm

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