Swimming Pool

Having fun, meeting your neighbors and making new friends is what living in the City of Dawson is all about.  The Dawson Aquatic Center is open to the public.  There is a variety of pricing to meet your families needs.  Ask about season passes, punch passes, and daily swim rates.  Available at our Aquatic Center is also lap swim, swimming lessons both private and group, and the popular coin dive. Also, during Riverfest activities, watch for the free swim date!

The Dawson Aquatic Center is now able to take credit/debit cards at the City Office. 

Pool is Open!!!!

Our Aquatic Center is fully staffed this year with 19 lifeguards and 10 water safety instructors.  There will be new changes and new faces this year.  We welcome all our staff both old and new and look forward to a wonderful year. 


Dawson Aquatic Center 2017


Join us for infant/toddler swim classes.

Contact Info

Kylie Schuelke
Pool Manager
123 1st St.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have an issue pertaining to the Aquatic Center where to I file my grievance?

All grievances should be filed at the City Office, 675 Chestnut Street.  The City will take the proper course of action on a case by case basis.