City of Dawson...the small city with the bright future!

The City of Dawson is a progressive community located on the prairies of west central Minnesota maintaining a quality of life surpassed by none. The city excels with excellent school and health care systems, promotion of new industry and the support of existing businesses.

This community is blessed with many active and caring people which have supported the parks, golf course, and the new aquatic center providing recreation to both young and old alike. The Dawson/Boyd Arts Center satisfies our appetite for the arts and theater.

Walking Trail The Lac qui Parle River flows through the community providing an environment of quiet and stress free living. Dawson’s walking trail is located adjacent to the river encompassed by trees, flowers, and native vegetation providing a sanctuary for everything and everyone.

Beautifully renovated homes, well kept lawns and gardens are a common sight in Dawson. From the renovation of older homes, the building of new homes, apartments and townhouses, Dawson offers a variety of fine living.

We invite you to visit. You won’t want to leave!


Construction Corner

Click the button below for the latest weekly updates on the City of Dawson's street and utility construction projects.  Just another way we are working to to better serve our community!


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Dawson City Council


Familiar and New Faces on Council for 2021

**After canvassing the votes, we welcome back to our council Mayor Randy Tensen, Councilman Jeff Olson, Councilman Charlie Prestholdt and new Councilman Vince Adelman.  Not running for re-election was Councilman...

Smoke Testing Sewers



For the next several weeks, inspection crews will be conducting a physical survey of the City of Dawson sanitary sewer system.  This study will involve the opening of manholes in the streets and easements.  An important task of the survey will be...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our customers and employees is a top priority in the City of Dawson.  Below are a list of resources where you can find factual information on Coronavirus causes and prevention measures.